SDRN Publications

By SDRN on 31st October 2012

SDRN undertakes research and reviews on sustainable development policy areas with the aim of facilitating links and improving the transfer of evidence between researchers and policy-makers. A full list of SDRN publications produced over the years is outlined here.

Date Published
'SDRN Collaborative Research Workshop Report' Jun 2011
'Successful Business and Procurement: What lessons for sustainable public procurement can be drawn from successful businesses?' Rapid Research and Evidence ReviewDec 2010
'Environmental Citizenship and Pro-Environmental Behaviour' Rapid Research and Evidence ReviewNov 2010
'Business Resource Efficiency' Final Workstream ReportOct 2009
'Issues for the Practice of Sustainability Appraisal in Spatial Planning- A Review' Final Workstream ReportOct 2008
'Developing a Transport Strategy for Climate Change Adaptation' Workshop ReportApr 2008
'Emerging Methods for Sustainability Valuation and Appraisal' Briefing DocumentJan 2007
'Emerging Methods for Sustainability Valuation and Appraisal' Rapid Research and Evidence ReviewJan 2007
'Securing the Future: The Role of Research' An SDRN report to the Environment Research Funders Forum (ERFF)'Feb 2006
'SDRN Research and Evidence Reviews: Environmental and Social Justice Experts List'Jan 2005
'Wellbeing Concepts and Challenges' Discussion paper prepared by Fiona McAllister for the SDRNDec 2005
'Motivating Sustainable Consumption' A review of evidence on consumer behaviour and behavioural change Jan 2005
'Motivating Sustainable Consumption' Briefing DocumentJan 2005
'Environment and Social Justice' Rapid Research and Evidence ReviewDec 2004
'Environment and Social Justice' Briefing DocumentDec 2004
'SDRN Research and Evidence Reviews: Sustainable Consumption Experts List'

Jul 2004

'Sustainable Development and Social Exclusion: Towards an Integrated Approach' A Review published by Joseph Rowntree FoundationDec 2002